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While there is no solid evidence that shows that crime rate increases as the economy worsens, common sense is necessary to help prevent auto theft. And though the numbers seem to indicate auto theft is on the decline-perhaps more so for the first time since 1967-and due to the tougher laws and practices, car thieves still find way to cash in on pettier auto-related incidences. Rims and tires remain a hot commodity. Airbags are worth $200. Profits aside, many thieves continue to steal vehicles to get from Point A to Point B. FBI statistics reveal that the financial cost of auto theft on consumes and insurance companies is at $ 8 billion per year with over one million vehicles stolen every year. Less than 60 percent are found.

Both the brief and the supporting arguments consider both liability and compensation insurance together, proceeding from the liability plan to the compensation plan. This arrangement was adopted because one finds that, with very few exceptions, the arguments used against liability insurance apply with equal force against compensation insurance, in spite of the fundamental differences between the two types.

Lack of insurance when driving in Montana attracts a fine of between $250 and $500 in addition to 10 days behind bars. This is only if it is a first offense. The punishment increases with consecutive offenses. For example, a second offense attracts an increased fine to $350 minimum as well as 10 days imprisonment. The offender is also handed a 90-daysuspension of their driving license. Moreover, offenses earn points at a rate of 5 per offense and once they total 30 points, the particular license is revoked.

Once you have your quotes, all you have to do is compare them and choose the company with the best quote for you. But how exactly do you compare quotes? Some things you can look at include ...

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